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Institutional Development
Cabinet, by a decision reached in 2001, approved the Committee’s recommendation that Barbados should provide for the establishment of a National Art Gallery. The recommendation contains provisions for the safeguarding of the artistic heritage of Barbados through the creation of a professional umbrella organisation mandated with the task of the management of Barbados national collections, for and on behalf of Government. The Mission of the National Art Gallery would be to “provide dynamic, creative leadership in bringing together the arts and people to discover, enjoy and understand the visual culture of Barbados and the wider Caribbean.
  • The National Art Gallery should be seen as an umbrella organisation for existing and future institutions/organisations concerned with the Visual Arts. It would be unrealistic and unmanageable to expect a National Art Gallery to be physically and/or administratively responsible for making amends for all the existing deficiencies that exist in the infrastructure and promotion of the visual arts in Barbados.
  • The National Art Gallery should be mandated to be responsible for managing of all national and international exhibitions instead of National Cultural Foundation;
  • The Committee has recommended that a National Conservation Unit and two additional galleries for the display of pre-twentieth century prints and painting should be established at the Barbados Museum & Historical Society, and “The Eyrie”, Barbados Community College should be renovated for studio space for senior students and the artist in residence programme of the National Art Gallery.

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