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Welcome to The National Art Gallery Committee's website.

A national gallery, to adopt the scholar and writer Pierre Ryckman's words, speaking of a national library, is 'the place where a nation nourishes its memory and exerts its imagination - where it connects with its past, and invents its future'. The visual art memory of a nation which can be displayed best in a national gallery is of vital importance. Culture is a product of diversity. It feeds on differences and it grows through exchanges.

As a partner in these exchanges, the problem scarcity of documentation, critical writing, writers and venues for writing on Caribbean art in the Caribbean, continues to be a major issue hampering the development of the arts. For the National Art Gallery Committee therefore, a crucial objective has been to reach and recruit wider audiences for the visual arts and implement developmental initiatives which will be of benefit to the widest community of visual artists in Barbados.

One of the principal components of any national gallery facility is the development of programming which will attract an international audience, as well as providing opportunities for the local community to be exposed to regional and international art exhibitions, biennials and visual art symposia oriented towards education, history and criticism.

The objective therefore has been to establish a forum to explore issues and concerns in contemporary art and design, to foster an understanding of the role of the curator both individually and within institutions and to create constructive partnerships with other art institutions in Barbados and the Caribbean; to promote education and public debate; to bridge theoretical dialogue with practice by linking symposium and exhibition; and producing publications that contribute to documentation of art and design in the region.

During the period May 2001 and March 2008, the National Art Gallery Committee has been responsible for the coordination of 21 exhibitions, the productions of 18 catalogues and one DVD. Following the a disastrous flood in the Culture Section’s Office, leading to the destruction of carefully stored catalogue stock, the decision was taken to compile these hard wrought words for further dissemination and art appreciation in both digital and on-line formations. This website responds to that initiative and will hopefully be used as resource for research, artistic development, and as a means by which the NAGC can further disseminate information regarding our activities to the so inclined artistic public, and in turn will help foster dialogue through diversity for many years to come.

Alissandra Cummins
National Art Gallery Committee
March 1st, 2008.

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