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about nagc   
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Years 2009-2010
  • Art Conservation Open Day with Puerto Rico-based conservators held at the Barbados Museum.

  • NAGC website updating and editorial review continued; outreach continued for building visual artists’ participation in the ArtistNet and support for updating profiles. At April 2010 over 60 artists are currently in the NAGC database.

  • Collaboration with Barbados National Committee of ICOM and Museums Association of the Caribbean [MAC} and International Curators Forum [ICF} for the “Conference on Caribbean Curatorship and National Identity” Barbados November 30 – December 1, 2009.

  • Research and documentation of the National Collection, continued with the Past Perfect Database.

  • Conservation and restoration programme of National Collection works continued with consultant conservators. During each visit the public education programme continued for the care and conservation of art works.

  • Research, curatorial and education assistance continued to various institutions.

  • Appropriate care and storage of the NAGC collection continued.

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