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Black Diaspora Visual Art Symposium
Who: David Bailey
Where: Frank Collymore Hall | Bridgetown, Barbados
When: Feb, 13 2009 to Feb, 14 2009

Black Diaspora Visual Art Symposium, Exhibitions and Film Presentations
The Black Diaspora Visual Art event took place in Barbados February 13th & 14th, 2009 at the Frank Collymore Hall in Bridgetown. The event was organized by the National Art Gallery Committee (NAGC) in collaboration with U.K. artist/curator David A Bailey, MBE International Curators Forum (ICF).

Multi-sited installations by Barbadian and international artists were staged around Bridgetown.– Homeland Insecurity by Caroline Holder (2006), Search for Starman by Ewan Atkinson and Ingrid Persaud (2009), Words… Just Words… by Joscelyn Gardner (2009), Beyond a Boundary by Arthur Edwards And Frances Ross (2009), Separated by 'A' Skin Variation III by Indrani Gall (2009), Trace III by Gary Stewart and Trevor Matheson (2009), Belonging in Britain by Ingrid Pollard (2007), Town by Sheena Rose (2009). The Road to Many: Towards a Genealogy of Barbadian Art was staged by the National Art Gallery Committee and National Cultural Foundation . This exhibition took as its point of departure the Stuart Hall essay to explore how three generations of post-independence Barbadian artists relate to each other. The exhibition catalogue contains interviews of all the exhibiting artists.

Film projects screened by US-based artists and film makers, by Kara Walker and Alfredo Jaar attracted an early evening audience comprising a wide cross-section of the Barbadian community as well as visitors.

Institutional Partners include; The Barbados Museum and Historical Society and the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation.


Click here for the Black Diaspora Visual Art Event Programme


Click here for a site map of the Exhibition locations

Click here to view the Stuart Hall essay Modernity and Its others: Three Moments in the Post–war History of the Black Diaspora Arts

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