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Sign of the Times: A Decade Towards Digital Art
Who: Nerys Rudder
Where: Queen's Park Gallery | Bridgetown
When: May, 4 2008 to May, 30 2008

Fourteen Barbadian artists presently working in the digital medium will be represented in this first ‘digitally dedicated’ group exhibition to be held in Barbados. The exhibition includes works by students from the Barbados Community College as well as more seasoned artists, some who are showing new works. The exhibition catalogue will be available in DVD format.

“Sign of the Times: A Decade Towards Digital Art” is the 22nd exhibition organized by the National Art Gallery Committee. While the title “Sign of the Times” suggests a reflection on the past, like all signs the digital works presented in this exhibition will prompt the viewer to consider a transition in the visual arts genre that signals the future. As artists incorporate digital processes into their practice, cultural institutions are challenged to consider how best to display, document and preserve this work.

“Sign of the Times: A Decade Towards Digital Art” reflects the NAGC efforts to embrace the new emerging technologies and to actively encourage the possibilities which they present for artists, for audiences, and for institutions which facilitate the interface between the two. New technologies also provide important opportunities to attract younger audiences. As a sign of the times agencies such as the NAGC, committed to the preservation and promotion of visual culture, recognize that their mandates have never been more relevant, and the challenges never more expansive.

This annual exhibition coincides with the tenth anniversary of the NAGC. To mark this occasion the new NAGC website and Visual Artists Database will be launched to the global audience.

The NAGC is pleased to collaborate once again with the National Cultural Foundation and Queen’s Park Gallery.

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