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Walter  Bailey
Born: July 29, 1967

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Imagery forms the fabric of our environment. It occupies the space between motive and action. An artist functions by putting personal expression into the public domain. We draw our dreams into being. These images help us to build the common values that shape our community. This in turn reflects back upon us and informs our identities.

I have focused on using the human form as a common denominator in this context. Evocative imagery that gives face to my expression. The unique cultural diversity within a shared history is finding its face through growing access to technology. Our artists are producing original and trendsetting modes of expression and in turn are influencing the growth of the Caribbean.

We must look beyond the limitations of a small community in order to weave together a wider audience. The region at this time is a crossroads for cultural producers. Diversity of media and access to international marketplaces allow artists to find an appropriate environment for expression beyond the geographical space.

This is a release from the traditional shackles of patronage and museum art that opens a direct path between artist and audience. It is this exchange that enriches the texture of life.

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