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Leslie  Taylor
Born: March 13, 1962
Ballast 3
Detail of "Ballast 3"
Digital photograph 30”h x 40”w
Colour photograph of the inside bottom of a small fishing boat.
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Artist Photographer Leslie Taylor lives and works in Barbados. She studied Commerce at John Abbot College, Montreal Canada and Photography with Academy of Art College, San Francisco, USA. She has exhibited in 2 solo, 1 duo and 26 group exhibitions in Barbados, United States and Guyana. Awarded the Governor General’s Award of Excellence in Photography at NIFCA (Barbados) in 2005. Her work is also featured on the covers of two book publications. A variety of her works reside with private collections in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Barbados and Trinidad.

In her more recent works, Taylor explores intimate portraits of found objects, concentrating on the finer details - the minutiae. By bringing the viewer closer in, she challenges the mind to explore. Images bold with colour and details ..or in the opposing extreme, almost completely devoid – floating within shades of white.

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