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Frances  Ross
Bust of Sir Frank Worrell
Detail of "Bust of Sir Frank Worrell"
Polyester Resin 3 ft Tall
Date:2008, Location: For Sale
Bronze finished (US 3,500) bust of West Indies Cricket captain in the 1960\'s after whom the West Indies-Australian cricket tours are named
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We, Frances Ross and Art Edwards are basically portrait sculptors who have set out to accurately reproduce in three dimensions, images of historical personalities, working only from photographs. Our goal is to create depictions that are expressive, life-like and accurate, reflective of the care and attention deserving of any historical figure.

We have done a number of figurines and larger than life monuments and we can supply an extensive catalogue of our efforts over the past ten years.

It normally takes us four to six weeks to complete a bust (to just below the shoulders).

The inputs of the relevant families are normally solicited in approving each design before it is completed.

The product is made of durable polyester resin, bronze coloured and designed for interior display only.

Our Cricket memorabilia figurines stand about 14 inches tall and are finely detailed to match a specific photograph of our choosing. They are made of polyester resin and are sold in editions that exceed 200 because of the length of time needed to complete each design.

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