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Omowale  Stewart
Born: April 21, 1950
Blues Moods
Detail of "Blues Moods"
Acrylic 24” x 36”
Date:1999, Location: Artist collection
Stylized painting of three jazz musicians jamming, monochromatic rendering in shades of blue.
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My Caribbean is a socio-cultural diversity. These former jewels in Europe’s crown are still precious. We are a people whose roots are based on slavery and survival. We have evolved a common spirit and energy and a unique style evident in our cultural expressions. Our roots run deep and are connected to a soul, a consciousness and a vision. Our Art must go beyond ordinary conception and must inspire awe. It must impress the mind, the eye and the soul. This Art must reflect heritage, passion, purpose, style, and attitude. It must be seen as a whole, giving and receiving while enhancing our lives. As a privileged son, informed and sustained by this collective conscience, I attempt to understand, interpret and record this experience using my gifts of sight, skill, mind, and soul. Affirming that Art must be emotionally, intellectually and technically sound.

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