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Jill  McIntyre
Born: 30 JUNE 1965
Detail of "WATERFALL"
ACRYLIC ON CANVAS 18" x 24"(45 x 60 cm)
Date:2005, Location: BARBADOS
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As children of the Creator, our DNA demands that we be creative. I never paint to record life exactly as it is. Why would I want to do what a camera already does perfectly? I paint snapshots of my imagination.

There’s nothing muted or sedate about my paintings. They don’t whisper quietly in a corner; they laugh and sing and clap their hands. My paintings are windows to my soul; I paint to celebrate life. I want my work to express my joy in being alive. I want people to feel happy and uplifted when they see my work.

Drawing and painting since early childhood, I am self-taught with no formal training in art. My acrylic paintings are colourful and vibrant with a naïve flavour that reflects the simple, free-spirited pleasures of life in the tropics. I paint intuitively, directly to the canvas without the benefit of preliminary drawings or sketches, and I revel in a lively, unrestricted use of colour.

Born and raised in Barbados, I spent 20 years living in and traveling other Caribbean islands. My subject matter roams from the craters of Caribbean volcanoes to rain forests, to waterfalls and rivers, to sandy beaches, to the depths of the Caribbean Sea. I often combine different features from more than one Caribbean territory to create extraordinary tropical scenery. Mythology is a recurring theme in my work; look closely at my underwater images and you’ll usually find a mermaid or two somewhere below the surface.

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