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Nick  Whittle
Kiss No.1.
Detail of "Kiss No.1."
Mixed media on watercolour paper 71 x 50 cm
Date:1983, Location: Collection of the artist
This painting was exhibited in 1985 as part of an exhibition representing a bridge between work produced in two very different worlds; Newcastle upon Tyne, England and Barbados but with similar critical responses. “These paintings are for those who are hungry for life.”, Duncan Newton, Aspects No.4, 1978 and “He aims to portray the universal emotions and feelings of love, birth, death and tenderness through the human figure”, Alison Chapman-Andrews, Sunday Sun, 30th January, 1985.
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During the last three decades my work, regardless of scale, has followed a pattern of production which can most sympathetically be compared to that of a diarist. This can be observed in the immediacy of execution and through the continuing narrative, which each successive piece of work belongs. This work is not planned in a traditional manner but is the result of an intuitive selection of gestures and images which are created through a variety of processes. There are also no mental images or sketch to guide the process. The work begins with the initial first mark or image and gradually evolves into whatever it is to become.

In reality, a person can only have a single focus, but the imagination can venture down all possible paths. I see maps, recurrent symbols such as the heart, the phallus, the sun and the shell as a metaphor for my journey in life. I use colour and pattern to evoke aspects and periods of my life. Images develop and unfold as a work or series develops. A heart in an earlier work evolves into an image of dual sexuality in a latter piece. Continual references to self are not excursions of vanity but an effort to find an objective correlative for my emotions.

In subject matter they are highly personal and raw. Sometimes l look at the work and am shocked by the realization that l have succeeded, once again, in overcoming the censors, wherever they reside.

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