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Arlette  St.Hill
Born: June 2, 1950
Children of the Diaspora.
Detail of "Children of the Diaspora."

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I create to share and express my thoughts and feelings about life.

As a Caribbean woman of African descent, my work reflects the challenges of the diverse yet rich cultural heritage of my people.

The content of my mixed media expressionistic oil pastels, acrylic paintings and prints relates both the passion and the pain of the journey of life.

My themes are often therapeutic and repeat the imagery of unresolved feelings about the events and expereinces both past and present that continue to shape our lives.

My work as a teacher and a facilitator in the field of educational media resources enriches the quality of my life and fuels the fire that sustains my love for things Barbadian, things Caribbean. I feel grateful and blessed for every opportunity to assist in contributing to the development of local and regional art education.

The greatest influence on my spiritual and artistic development has been my days as a student at the Jamaica School of Art, exhibiting at the Wilfredo Lam Centre in Havana, Cuba, and studying in Madras, India.

My greatest joy is when those who view my work see beyond the ink and the paint and the imagery to embrace the message my work seeks to communicate.

The greatest challenge is to balance my time effectively between work as an educational media resource officer and creating my art. The two are intertwined and complement each other. The structure of my daily work supports the discipline required to produce my art, and the creative expression of this art influences my approach to the coordination of educational media resources.

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