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Arthur  Atkinson
Born: March 22, 1945
Cuh Dil, Dil, Dil
Detail of "Cuh Dil, Dil, Dil"
Acrylic on canvas 
Date:1995, Location: Collection of Peter Allard
My wife feeds the ducks in our duckpen. Realistic representation.
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I paint because I enjoy it. I enjoy the exercises of creation and that of experimentation, and I consider myself lucky that my profession (as graphic designer) also employs these talents. Where these two part company is that with the graphics I ultimately work to satisfy a client, whereas with the fine art I satisfy myself.

From the time I started exhibiting paintings in 1968, my subject matter has been inspired by Barbados and things Bajan. The content of my paintings for the greater part has been representational but not always realistic. I have mainly restricted my media to watercolour and acrylic, but my style has varied tremendously and often, because of my desire to experiment.

The work exhibited in my first four shows was representational, becoming progressively abstract during the next five, culminating in two totally abstract shows by 1981. I then made a complete switch to super realism in the later 1980’s and a further switch to stylized representation based on Bajan folk characters and social commentary. Since then, I may use any of the above styles depending on the subject matter.

I see my many styles as different languages. I use different languages for different subjects, using the one I consider most appropriate. Unfortunately, not many people seem to be multilingual.

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